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Events & Activities Phoenix Women's Centre & SHED Offer

We at the Phoenix Women's Centre & SHED are always looking at ways to engage with our members and provide events and activities that members express an interest in. We are very driven to meet the needs of members and respond positively to suggestions made.

 Regarding our training programmes, we are learner driven and learner centred. We listen to your feedback and requirements and we deliver programmes that involve participation and discussion.

Our training courses are designed to ensure learning outcomes make a positive contribution to the empowerment of women through skills acquisition, knowledge and understanding of women’s rights, techniques for communicating effectively and managing challenging  circumstances.  Overall our service, activities and programmes support and encourage women towards independence, self worth, health and well being.
If you would like to consider delivering any of our programmes please contact us.

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We Are Currently Running The Following Activities

  • Walking group every Wednesday at 11 from the Wetlands, no need to book just rock up

  • The Lesley Collins Writing Group

  • SHED events every Thursday 10.30a.m. – 1.00p.m.

  • A Range of Training Programmes on issues affecting women 

All Activities/Events Are Designed In Response To The Needs As Identified Through The Following Channels

  • Our Walking Group

  • Our SHED members

  • Phone calls to the helpline

  • Public consultations

  • Informal discussions at meetings

  • Informal chats at fundraising events

  • Annual International Women's Day Events that promote open discussion

  • Public research and data

  • Networking and connecting with other community groups and agencies through the PPN

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How To Take Part In Our Many Events

If you are interested in taking part in our many events and activities or are just interested in connecting with like minded women for a chat and a laugh click the button below to find details on how to become a member of the Phoenix Women's Centre & SHED. Becoming a member means you can take part in all the activities we run as well get early access to our very popular events.

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Welcome To Our News Feed Blog

See below for all the latest up to date news regarding the Phoenix Women's Centre & SHED. If you wish to keep up to date with all that is going on with  and our member base you can simply click the subscribe button below to follow our blog where you will be notified via email of any new posts added here by our admin team. 

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