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Photo Competition

Phoenix Womens Centre and Shed.jpeg

Inaugural Competition A Huge Success

The Phoenix Women's Centre & SHED Photo Competition was started in 2021 as a way to encourage Kerry women to get out and about make the most of the restrictions by focusing their energy on taking photos of the beautiful natural countryside we are blessed with in Kerry. It was a great way to raise the profile of the centre whilst also promoting the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise and fresh air.
To say we were blown away by the response is an understatement, we had over 400 entries, attracted huge attention in the media and got to enjoy a standard of competition we were not expecting. The quality of images we received was akin to a national professional competition not what would be expected from an amateur equivalent. The competition was dubbed "Woman's Eye - The Natural Beauty of the Kingdom as captured by the Women of Kerry" and it proved that the eye of the women of Kerry is very fine tuned to our beautiful surroundings indeed. 

We must give great credit and thanks to our judges Breda Joy and Paschal Sheehy who had the unenviable task of picking our 3 winners from the seamlessly never ending list of worthy candidates. They took note of the incredible standard and got to work ultimately delivering our 3 worthy winners capping off a great chapter in the Centre's early formation. 
The next challenge was how to show the amazing standard of entries in an exhibition while still observing the pandemic restrictions. Working alongside our IT partner we decided to deliver a virtual exhibition to showcase the immense talent the women who entered delivered. We created several videos of the entries with backing tracks and ultimately fused them all into one to display below ensuring that each entry got the recognition they deserved. We would like to acknowledge and thank Kerry County Council for sponsoring this virtual exhibition. Click the links below to jump directly to the content, we hope you enjoy it all and look forward to the 2022 staging of the competition.

Winners Prize Awards

This Virtual Exhibition Kindly Sponsored By:

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Kerry County Council

Winners presentation

The Winning Images

Winning Images

After many hours of deliberation our judges chose the three pictures below as their choice for the 3 top prizes. They are afitting winners we hope you agree and highlight everything good about photography be it professional or amateur as a way to highlight how lucky we all are to live in such a beautiful scenic part of the world. Well done to the winners and to everyone who took part and helped out to make this competition so memorable for all involved.

First Prize - €250 

First Prize. Ann Kelly Supermoon over paps-.jpg

Anne Kelly - Super Moon Over Paps

Second Prize - €150 

Second Prize Ann Sheehan At Peace.JPG

Ann Sheehan - At Peace

Third Prize - €100 

Third Prize Noreen O_ Shea. Mist over the Lake jpeg.jpg

Noreen Shea - Mist Over Lake

 All Entries Slideshow

Due to Covid restrictions we were unable to host an in person exhibition of all the images so we reached out to our IT partner to design a virtual exhibition where everyone could enjoy the beautiful results of the highly talented women's work who entered the competition. Every entry is included in the video below, we hope you enjoy it and that we will see you all in person for the 2022 exhibition.

Video Slideshow

50 Commended Entries

50 Commended

As the quality of competition was so high it was impossible to just pick 3 winners from the entry list without given special mention to another 50 that ran the winners very close in the end. Any of these entries might have won first prize on another day. Below is a closer look at the 50 commended entries as picked by the judges panel and ourselves.

Yvette Shea
Yvette Shea (2)
Trish Sully
Tereza Peckova
Sheila Hanrahan
Sheila Hanrahan(1)
Shauna Murphy
Sarah McMahon
Sharon Mowat
Rachel O Connor
Noreen Sugrue
Mary O Sullivan
Noreen O Shea
Mary O Leary
Noelle Mulvihill
Mairead O Mahony
Mairead O Keefe
Lil McSweeney
Larraine Griffin
Julie Kelly
Katie May Steele
Kate Quigley
Kirstie McTrusty
Jules O Sullivan
Jane Sullivan
Helen O Connell
Helen Corkery
Jackie O Connor
Helen Corkery(1)
Hannah Kilmurray
Gina Groves
Elsie Ronan
Elizabeth Browne
Gillian Tobin
Elizabeth Browne(1)
Elayne Van Keulen
Eileen Sweeney
Deirdre O Donoghue
Catherine Dodd
Catherine White
Claire Tracey
Caroline Hannon
Caroline Hannon(1)
Bernadette O Sullivan
Bridget Healy
Aoife O Shea
Annette O Donoghue(1)
Annette O Donoghue
Annette O Donoghue(2)
Anna Breen

All Remaining Entries

All Entries

Below completes the line up of entries maintaining the excellent standard shown in the competition overall. Many of these entries are also highly commendable. At the end of the day after much deliberation the judges had to make very difficult decisions.
We would like to thank all those who took part and hope they will all try again in the 2022 competition along with many other new entries.

Yvette Shea
Yvette Shea (2)
Veronica Tangney
Trish Sully
Trish Sully(1)
Tereza Peckova
Tereza Peckova(3)
Tereza Peckova(4)
Tereza Peckova(2)
Tereza Peckova(1)
Susan O Connell (3)
Susan O Connell (1)
Susan O Connell (2)
Sue Ryan (3)
Sue Ryan (2)
Sue Ryan (1)
Sonali Flynn
Sonali Flynn(3)
Sonali Flynn(2)
Sonali Flynn(1)
Siobhan Curtin
Siobhan Curtin Hues of torc
Siobhan Curtin (2)
Sheila Quirke
Sheila Quirke(2)
Sheila Hanrahan
Sheila Quirke(1)
Sheila Hanrahan(1)
Sheila Hanrahan (3)
Shauna Murphy
Sheila Hanrahan (2)
Shauna Murphy(1)
Sharon Mowat(4)
Sharon Mowat(2)
Sharon Mowat(3)
Sharon Mowat
Sharon Breen.
Sharon Breen
Sharon Breen(4)
Sharon Mowat(1)
Sharon Breen(1)
Sharon Breen(3)
Sarah McMahon
Sharon Breen(2)
Sarah King
Sarah King(5)
Sarah King(4)
Sarah McMahon
Sadhbh Ní Chathasaigh
Sarah King(3)
Sarah King(2)
Sarah King(1)
Sadhbh Ní Chathasaigh(1)
Sadhbh Ní Chathasaigh(2)
Rita McCarthy
Rita McCarthy(1)
Riona Kennedy(1)
Riona Kennedy
Riona Kennedy
Rita McCarthy (2)
Patricia Edwards - de Jong(2)
Rachel O Connor
Patricia Edwards de Jong
Rachel O Connor (2)
Patricia Edwards - de Jong(1)
Noreen Sugrue
Noreen Sugrue (2)
Noreen O Shea
Monica Dillane (3)
Monica Dillane
Noelle Mulvihill
Noelle Mulvihill(1)
Moira Horgan
Moira Horgan(1)
Moira Horgan(2)
Monica Dillane (2)
Meabh Enright(1)
Meabh Enright
Meabh Enright(2)
Mary O Sullivan (5)
Mary O Sullivan (1)
Mary O Sullivan (2)
Mary O Sullivan (3)
Mary O Sullivan (4)
Mary O Leary (2)
Mary O Leary
Mary McDonnell
Mary McDonnell(1)
Mary McDonnell
Martina O Sullivan
Martina O Sullivan (7)
Martina O Sullivan (8)
Martina O Sullivan (6)
Martina O Sullivan (5)
Martina O Sullivan (4)
Martina O Sullivan (3)
Martha Griffin
Martina O Sullivan (2)
Martina O Sullivan (1)
Martina O Sullivan (1)
Mairead O_Keefe(2)
Mairead O_Keefe(3)
Martha Griffin(1)
Martha Griffin(2)
Mairead O Mahony(1)
Mairead O_Keefe(1)
Mairead O Mahony
Mairead O Keefe (5)
Mairead O Keefe (1)
Mairead O Keefe (4)
Mairead O Keefe (3)
Mairead O Keefe (2)
Mags Stack
Liz Healy
Mags Stack(2)
Mags Stack(1)
Liz Healy.(4)
Liz Healy.(3)
Liz Healy.(2)
Liz Healy
Lisa Foley
Liz Healy.(1)
Lisa Foley(4)
Lisa Foley
Lisa Foley(3)
Lisa Foley(1)
Lisa Foley(2)
Lisa Carolan
Lil McSweeney 1
Lil McSweeney 3
Lisa Carolan(2)
Lisa Carolan(1)
Lesley Collins
Lesley Collins(1)
Leighanne Stack
Lesley Collins(2)
Leighanne Stack(1)
Leighanne Stack(3)
Leighanne Stack(2)
Leighanne Stack(5)
Larraine Griffin
Leanne Sugrue(1)
Leanne Sugrue
Leanne Sugrue(2)
Larraine Griffin(4)
Larraine Griffin(3)
Larraine Griffin(2)
Larraine Griffin(1)
Kristine Sasko(2)
Kristine Sasko
Kristine Sasko(1)
Kirstie McTrusty
Kelly Anne Ahern
Kelly Anne Ahern(5)
Kelly Anne Ahern(4)
Kirstie McTrusty(1)
Kelly Anne Ahern(1)
Kelly Anne Ahern(2)
Kelly Anne Ahern(3)
Kaya Flynn
Kaya Flynn(1)
Kaya Flynn(2)
Kay Liston
Kay Liston(2)
Katie May Steele(1)
Katie May Steele
Katie Hickey
Kay Liston(1)
Katie Hickey
Katie Hickey(4)
Katie Hickey(2)
Katie Hickey(3)
Kathy Lawless
Kathy Lawless(2)
Katie Hickey(1)
Kathy Lawless(1)
Kathy Hurley (3)
Kate Quigley
Kathy Hurley (2)
Kathy Hurley
Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly (3)
Julie Kelly (4)
Kate Quigley(1)
Julie Kelly (2)
Julianne Fitzgerald(1)
Julianne Fitzgerald
Julianne Fitzgerald(2)
Jules O Sullivan (3)
Jules O Sullivan (5)
Jules O Sullivan (2)
Jules O Sullivan (4)
Joan O Donoghue  (5)
Joan O Donoghue  (4)
Joan O Donoghue  (6)
Jules O Sullivan (1)
Joan McEllistrim
Joan O Donoghue  (1)
Joan O Donoghue  (3)
Joan O Donoghue  (2)
Joan McEllistrim(2)
Joan McEllistrim(1)
Joan Healy(2)
Joan Healy
Joan Healy(1)
Jenny Mc Mahon(2)
Jenny Mc Mahon
Jenny Mc Mahon(1)
Jane Sullivan(2)
Jane Sullivan(4)
Jane Sullivan(3)
Jane Sullivan
Jane Sullivan(1)
Helen O Shea
Jackie O Connor
Jackie O Connor(1)
Helen O Connell (4)
Helen O Shea(1)
Helen O Connell (5)
Helen O Connell (3)
Helen Corkery(9)
Helen O Connell (2)
Helen O Connell (1)
Helen Corkery
Helen Corkery(6)
Helen Corkery(7)
Helen Corkery(5)
Helen Corkery(8)
Helen Corkery(4)
Helen Corkery(3)
Helen Corkery(2)
Helen Corkery(1)
Hannah Flynn
Hannah Flynn(2)
Hannah Kilmurray(1)
Hannah Kilmurray
Gina Groves
Hannah Flynn(1)
Gina Groves(1)
Gillian Tobin
Gillian Tobin(1)
Geraldine Egan (3)
Geraldine Egan
Geraldine Egan (2)
Fiona Foley
Fiona Foley
Elsie Ronan
Fiona Foley(1)
Elsie Ronan(2)
Elsie Ronan(3)
Elsie Ronan(1)
Elsie Ronan
Elizabeth Collins (3)
Elizabeth Browne
Elizabeth Collins (2)
Elizabeth Collins (1)
Elizabeth Browne(3)
Elizabeth Browne(5)
Elizabeth Browne(6)
Elizabeth Browne(4)
Elizabeth Browne(2)
Elena McLoughlin (5)
Elena McLoughlin (6)
Elizabeth Browne(1)
Elena McLoughlin (2)
Elena McLoughlin (1)
Elena McLoughlin (3)
Elena McLoughlin (4)
Elayne Van Keulen (5)
Elayne Van Keulen (3)
Elayne Van Keulen (2)
Elayne Van Keulen (4)
Elayne Van Keulen (1)
Eileen Sweeney
Eileen Sweeney(2)
Eileen Sweeney(3)
Eileen Sweeney(1)
Eileen Corcoran(9)
Eileen Corcoran
Eileen Sweeney (2)
Eileen Corcoran(7)
Eileen Corcoran(6)
Eileen Corcoran(8)
Eileen Corcoran(5)
Eileen Corcoran(1)
Eileen Corcoran(4)
Eileen Corcoran(2)
Eileen Corcoran(3)
Diana Fawcett(2)
Eileen Corcoran
Diana Fawcett
Eileen Corcoran (2)
Deirdre O Donoghue(4)
Deirdre O Donoghue
Deirdre O Donoghue(3)
Diana Fawcett(1)
Deirdre O Donoghue(2)
Deirdre O Donoghue(1)
Claire Tracey
Claire Tracey(1)
Catherine White
Catherine White(3)
Catherine White(4)
Catherine White(2)
Catherine Dodd(1)
Catherine Dodd
Caroline Hannon
Catherine White(1)
Bridget Healy
Bridget Healy(4)
Bridget Healy(2)
Bridget Healy(3)
Bridget Healy(1)
Brid O Donnell
Breda Canty (6)
Breda Canty (5)
Brid O Donnell(2)
Brid O Donnell(1)
Breda Canty (4)
Breda Canty (1)
Breda Canty (2)
Bernadette O Sullivan (6)
Breda Canty (3)
Bernadette O Sullivan (5)
Bernadette O Sullivan (3)
Bernadette O Sullivan (2)
Bernadette O Sullivan (4)
Bernadette O Sullivan (1)
Aphra Collins(2)
Aphra Collins
Aphra Collins(1)
Aoife O Shea(1)
Aoife O Shea
Aoife Kissane(2)
Aoife Kissane
Annette O Donoghue (4)
Aoife Kissane(1)
Annette O Donoghue (5)
Annette O Donoghue (3)
AnneMarie Corcoran(2)
Annette O Donoghue (1)
Annette O Donoghue (2)
AnneMarie Corcoran
Anne Kelly (5)
AnneMarie Corcoran(1)
Anne Kelly (3)
Anne Kelly (4)
Anne Kelly (1)
Anne Kelly (2)
Anne Kelly (1)
Anna McCarthy
Anna McCarthy
Anna Breen(10)
Anna McCarthy(1)
Anna Breen(9)
Anna Breen(8)
Anna Breen(7)
Anna Breen(6)
Anna Breen(5)
Anna Breen(4)
Anna Breen(3)
Anna Breen(2)
Anna Breen(1)
Ann Sheehan (5)
Ann Sheehan (4)
Ann Sheehan (3)
Ann Sheehan (2)
Ann Sheehan (1)
Ann Kennedy
Ann Kennedy(2)
Ann Kennedy(1)
Aine Culloty
Aine Culloty(2)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin
Aine Culloty(1)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin (5)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin (3)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin (4)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin (2)
Adrienne Mc Loughlin (1)

Promotional Material


Some of the material used to promote and announce the results of the Phoenix Women's Centre first annual Photo Competition.

Image by Fidel Fernando
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